Emekor Forecleanix offers top-notch property preservation services, trash out, cleanout, for both residential and commercial and Properties that have been foreclosed, defaulted, or vacated. Committed to excellent and reliable service, our team of professionals will clean, repair and maintain  your property in a cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner. We ensure quality output which is completed on time and on budget.

Here is our full suite of services:

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

1. Securing and Maintenance

We help ensure that your property is not exposed to security risks and threats. We secure and maintain the property based on investor guidelines or client requirements. We do this through re-keying services and changing entry locks. We lock and secure all doors, gates, and windows. Clients can also request for us to install lockboxes with lender-specified codes. We also do boarding to prevent vandalism and trespassing.

Our clients have the option to do  or have either complete or partial board-ups. We maintain the property, including the exterior grounds. If the property has a swimming pool, we also cover the pool, padlock the pool gate or screen the pool area as required. A property condition report with photos is given to the client as needed.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

2. Maid Services

We offer indoor maid services including a thorough clean-up of the interior premises. We also clean the exterior areas of the property. Aside from cleaning it thoroughly, we also remove pests and insects. We also clean and secure the swimming pool area. Cleaning the pool may include covering, decking, and pumping water. Depending on client specifications, we clean on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

We will clean the property from top to bottom. The ultimate goal is to make it market-ready and appealing to prospective buyers. Also individual looking to bring their home  and office back to life .

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3. Trash Out/Junk Removal

A property may have a lot of trash and junk that has accumulated over the years. Our task is to take out all the trash and remove all the junk from inside and outside the property. We take out useless junk such as forgotten collectibles, broken toys or exercise equipment, and more.

We pick up all kinds of trash and construction debris from real estate cleanouts. We remove trash from yard waste and cleaning projects. We make sure that the junk that we remove goes to a registered recycling facility or thrown out in a responsible manner.

Moving Boxes

4. Hauling

We haul unwanted larger items such as furniture, appliances, and musical instruments. We haul old air conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators, hot tubs, televisions, ovens, and electronic waste. We also haul outdoor equipment such as unused lawn mowers and other gardening implements, sheds, or even an unused vehicle that has been stuck in the garage for years and years.

We make sure that these items go to a registered facility or donated to charity by client choice

Lawn Mower

5. Landscaping

Landscaping is important to give the property curb appeal and to comply with local ordinances, ensuring that it looks well-maintained. We mow and trim grass and shrubbery, ensuring that the property has spic and span front and back yards. Ideally, grass must be cut every two weeks particularly during the grass cut season, but we generally follow client instructions on the frequency of grass cutting and shrub trimming.

We also perform tree trimming or tree removal services.

Shovelling Snow

6. Snow Removal

Removing snow that has accumulated in the property during winter time is important so that those who inspect, visit, or view the property will have safe access and will not slide and slip. According to most local ordinances, if three inches of snow has accumulated outside the property, it should be removed. Surfaces should also be salted in order to prevent icy build-ups.

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7. Winterization

Winterization is a critical component of property preservation. Since vacant properties are vulnerable to the effects of cold weather, we winterize the plumbing fixtures and heat systems to prevent freeze damage. We add antifreeze to sink drains, traps, bowls, and tanks.

Winterization services also include shutting off the water and draining the water heater. Our team posts warning labels on the property, advising anyone entering that it has been winterized.

Hardware Tools

8. Minor Repairs

We also do minor repairs in order to maintain the value of the property and keep it in sellable condition. These minor repairs may include framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical, roof tarp, chimney  crown flash repair, chimney cap, painting services, etc . Property owners can customize repair services depending on their needs.

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9. Hoarding House Removal

We remove exterior and interior debris, removing personal debris and anything noticeable that may be visible from the street and may affect future sale of the property. This service includes removing debris that may be hazardous or dangerous, those that are deemed to be a health or infestation risk.

All debris is dumped at a licensed facility.


10. Assist in moving

We also help and assist people who are moving. we help in moving , packing and other services requested by the client.


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